VLC sur iPhone

Vous connaissez tous VLC le player multimédia supportant une large palette de formats sur plusieurs plateformes. Zodttd est en cours de portage sur l’iPhone.

Actuellement en version beta, il supporte les formats MPEG, MP3 et AVI. D’autres sont en cours d’intégration. Citons par exemple FLAC, OGG, VCD, DivX, WMA et WMV.

Le player est actuellement disponible en test pour les donateurs. Plus d’information sur le Zodttd.com

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  1. vlc4iPhone is renamed to ZodPlay!

    « The ZodPlay name was chosen as to not force this media player on any certain technology. While I will most likely rely on FFmpeg and/or VLC functionality in the future, this just gives me more freedom. In short, making things futureproof.

    What’s new in ZodPlay since vlc4iphone 0.9.0? Here’s a short list:

    -- File browsing. No longer be restricted to any one directory. Browse any location you choose.
    -- EVEN MORE media formats supported (performance depends on resolution) such as FLV, XviD, H264, MPEG4. AAC, FLAC. Though untested, subtitles should also work.
    -- Audio visualizer plays during audio. No more blank screen!
    -- More stable.”

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